The Swedish Mining & Tunnelling Group, SMTG, consists of companies, which supply technology and equipment for mining and underground operations.

SMTG Academy


A custom-designed training programme will leverage the competence of your staff and improve the overall performance of your business. SMTG Academy can tailor a training programme adapted to your specific needs, covering technical, economical and/or administrative aspects of mining and underground operations.

The members of SMTG represent massive expertise and experience within mining and underground operations. With SMTG Academy, we aim to contribute to the transfer of Swedish knowledge and technology to companies, organisations and institutions worldwide.

SMTG Academy offers advanced training solutions in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology (LTU). With more than 30 years of experience from designing tailored education programmes for the mining industry, LTU Business (formerly known as Centek) is an ideal partner for the co-ordination and organisation of training courses, in addition to being a resource of academic skills.

Concrete courses at academic level

Well anchored in both the industry and the academia, SMTG Academy offers competence development for working professionals in the mining and underground sectors. We welcome participants from all over the world. Our programmes are intended for engineers, specialists, experts and middle managers, holding a university degree and having several years of working experience.

We profit from the vast expertise and knowledge available within the SMTG network. However, our training packages are not product-specific or dedicated to certain trademarks. SMTG Academy takes a broader approach and focuses on modern methods and technologies, general solutions and best practices. We also take pride in ensuring that the participants understand how to use their new skills in practice, in order to increase efficiency and optimise the operations and production back home.

Environmental training

SMTG also has the ambition to contribute to acceleration in sustainable mining and tunnelling operations. We strongly believe that economic success is achievable while conducting business in a manner that preserves the environment. SMTG Academy organises training programmes that specifically address environmental problems related to mining operations. We offer up-to-date environmental training with special emphasis on management and technology.

Tailored to your needs

SMTG Academy creates training programmes specifically for your business, in terms of contents, target group, practical arrangements, etc. We can cover technical, economical and administrative aspects of mining and underground operations, ranging from current production techniques to the latest advances in research. We welcome anything from a few engineers to larger groups of participants from the entire organisation. The training may take place in Sweden, as a distance course or at your site, depending on what is the most cost-effective. The programme may include lectures, seminars, discussions in small groups or in plenum, study visits and case studies.

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